15. Keep Calm and Get Your Nails Done

Sir Oliver's Granny

About a few weeks ago we noticed that sir Oliver was making tap-dance sounds when walking around. I do think he is an intelligent and gifted dog , though tap-dancing is not entirely his thing, yet he could not stop it. His nails had gotten too long and needed a trim right away.

Mainly the nails of his forelegs were too long and ticking on the floor while walking. His nails on the hind seemed to be trimmed more recently. So my daughter appointed herself to nail trimmer and said she would inform herself on how to trim a dog’s nails and then she would ask me for some assistance with holding sir Oliver.

She had to buy a pair of dog nail clippers and in my perspective this took ages or days before she actually went to get them. There was constantly something else more important. Then she got the clippers and still no trimming happened. When I asked her about it she would say, not today because I already have an appointment or this or that to do. I began to develop some  irritation about it, what was going on, she has the responsibility for sir Oliver even though we assist her with it. So I asked her if I should do it, although I do not have any experience either. No, was her response, it is my responsibility I will do it. In the meanwhile we could take sir Oliver to tap-dance lessons, since there was plenty of time.

So today it is the day, my daughter decided to trim sir Oliver’s nails. She watched some more YouTube videos on it and it turned out she was a bit insecure about it. She didn’t want to cut him and hurt him. Also how would he respond and how would we be able to handle it. There is only one way to find out, just do it. So we did. We had the clippers, dog treats and a towel to put him on. We didn’t want to do it in his dog basket, since that is his safe haven, and we didn’t want to risk loosing that safe place.

I asked him to come and sit with me and give his paw. He did so and was relaxed. It took a bit before my daughter had found the right angel to hold the paw and the clippers to be able to trim a little piece of nail off. So one nail down and now sir Oliver wasn’t in the mood to do another one. We bribed him with treats and decided to put on his harness so it would be easier for me to hold him and not choke him with his collar.

Although sir Oliver had no idea what was happening to him he did become a bit nervous, and we were not absolutely calm either. For a moment I wanted to give up and do the trimming over several days. I did not like it to hold sir Oliver in place and force him to give his paw. All was done quietly and with love, though forcing another living being is bringing up resistances within me. I immediately took it personal and thought about not wanting to be forced into anything myself. Luckily enough it did not make me give up the whole trimming routine, I did push through telling myself that his nails had to be trimmed for the sake of his own health. The point was I didn’t want to be a human to sir Oliver, who he cannot trust and who will force him into things he is afraid of, just as my fantasy about the laboratory he spend 4 years in. So a point to look at before we trim him a next time.

We were al very happy when his nails on the forelegs were done. Probably next week we will have to do the hind nails and see if we make some progress on how to do it as quick as possible, so it will become a normal and easy routine for all of us.


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