18. Poop Sommelier

Sir Oliver's Granny

Sir Oliver, just like his fellow canine friends, loves the smell of poop. There are only now and then a few turds that do repulse him. On our walks, we almost go from one turd to another one, and in between some nice urine, spread on bushes or lampposts. Some of these scents make him want to pee or poo as well. There was even a turd of one dog that sir Oliver wanted to cover up with sand with his nose.

That to me was so grose and repulsive. In my fantasy he would get some of the nasty smelling poo on his face and nose, and I already pictured myself having to clean him. I Googled why dogs would want to cover something up and it came down to food, dogs wanting to bury food. Since this turd was pale of color with pieces in it, my logic was that the dog who had dropped this turd, has indigestion due to nutritions still visible in the poo. That way the turd might smell like food to sir Oliver, and therefore he wanted to bury it and possibly eat it later in time.

When dogs greet each other they mostly smell each others butt, so for them these fragrances are important data about the other dog. Sir Oliver being a Beagle and thus a hound, has a strong hunting instinct, following any lead he can get his paw on. I would not be surprises as these dogs will know after a while of who what turd is. Imagine we would not shake hands or hug, but instead smell each others butt, nah too graphic.

Every time sir Oliver sniffs a turd, I do feel a bit of motion inside of me, of bah! don’t smell that turd! When we humans go to the toilet, most of us do not like to sit in the heavy smell of another who just pooped. We are programmed to think it is grose, and starting from 4 years old we think poo is dirty. After we have been told this so many times. We do not realize that also we can recognize the people we live or work with from the scent of their poo. We can even tell when someones stomach or intestines are a bit off. Therefore we do have the ability to gather data from poo, only our cultural preprogramming by society is quite often overruling this. And within modern society this skill would not really serve us, as far as I can see.

There are as well parents who gag or throw up when they have to change a poop diaper of their child. So this programming cam be quite intense and seems to divide us into being a beast or a civilized human. Look at the old days where people did not take showers or baths that often, and covered up their dirty smells by perfume.

I do not have any problems with changing diapers nor picking up sir Oliver’s poo with a plastic bag. I do however feel the presence of this preprogramming within me, wanting sir Oliver to move on and not smell minutes on end on one turd, let alone bury one with his nose. At that point it screams inside of me: GROSE!

Since I know, I can see and realize that this is my preprogramming I am slowly changing my attitude towards it. It is fine for sir Oliver to be a dog and smell turds or even his favorite duck poo. It doesn’t say anything about me, in fact it has nothing to do with me. I do not have to take this personal, dogs smell poo and humans flush them away, no big deal. So now I’m starting to be able to see it as something sir Oliver does and do no longer imagine smelling poo from a human perspective, because that is fantasy of the mind and is so far off from reality. Better not entertain the mind on my walks, I rather be here with sir Oliver.


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