23. Sir Oliver’s influencial powers

Sir Oliver's Granny

Several years ago we wanted some pets and started of with 3 abandoned cats. Then 1 died after the vet dewormed her. The male and the female cat that were left grew up healthy. Before we could spay the male cat he started spraying all over the apartment. Then when he was spayed, I hoped the spraying would go away as the vet suspected. Non of that happened.

A few years later we adopted another male cat. I remember how glad I was when I found out that he wasn’t a sprayer. Then 2 years ago the oldest male cat got missing and never returned home. From that day on the youngest male cat started spraying. In human language we would say: he took on the boss his responsibilities during his absence.

I was not happy at all with all the spray marks in my home. The laminate flooring didn’t take it too well and got ruined. We tried Feliway, but it didn’t do anything. Then I bought homeopathic drops for stressed and depressed animals, didn’t work either. I knew he was marking his territory and there were quite some neighborhood cats that use the fence as a transport connection from one part of the neighborhood to another. Our cat tried to protect his garden and his fence. So we placed some nettings on places that would prohibit cats to enter the garden and discourage the route through our garden over the fence.

That was the best solution so far, but still not the solution. I underwent these bouts of spraying and cleaned it so it would not encourage him to spray on top of it again. I really love this cat, but I had no clue how to settle this stress for him or at least give him the conditions to become more relaxed other than all the things I already did. Denying him access of all windows, to eliminate the trigger point, was not a real practical solution for me. I simply had no answers and had placed myself already as the victim of this situation, which I could not resolve.

Then sir Oliver came into the house and I was worried about the cats getting stressed with the new inmate. Non of that happened. The first week they were careful and stayed more in their part of the house where sir Oliver is not allowed and has no access to. I’ve seen almost no signs of stress, and in week 2, the male cat even came close to sir Oliver to smell him. So no visible extra stress have been seen in both cats. And 3 weeks ago the male cat stopped spraying.

At first I thought, no that cannot be true, he must be stressed and therefore he isn’t spraying. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense, when I take into consideration why a cat sprays. Then I told myself that it was just a coincidence, he’ll start in a few days again. But he didn’t up until today.

Now, because I cannot explain why he stopped spraying, I took it as it cannot be true. I told myself I need more evidence than the real physical evidence of him not spraying. And than saying, maybe when he doesn’t spray in the next coming months it will be true. I could not find a way at first to make myself realize that he had stopped for now, and there was always this voice in my head doubting the physical evidence. Then one day I realized that I simply had to enjoy all the moments he doesn’t spray, and not go into a fantasized future already worrying about the possibility that he might start spraying again. I told myself how great has it been that I can come downstairs without the danger of getting wet socks when landing on the floor. How great is it that I do not need to clean after him and how great is it that the hallway finally doesn’t smell like a public toilet.

I could as well act typical human and blame it on the dog. Due to sir Oliver’s influential powers the cat is cured of spraying, yeah! It is always good to believe in something, right? Enough joking around, I am simply going to enjoy the absence of his spraying and when it does return I might be able to see what it triggered.



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