32. Great Grandparents Visiting

Sir Oliver's Granny

Sir Oliver is now living with us for 8 weeks and the only strangers he has seen in the home, were the men of the foundation with 6 weeks. It was advised to not have a lot of new people in the home, before the dog had settled in a bit. My parents decided to come over at our place, after their holiday, and with 8 weeks we considered sir Oliver as settled in.

When we saw my parents arrive, we closed off the hallway so sir Oliver wasn’t able to peep out off the front door. I instructed my parents to enter the living room as usual without focussing on the dog. Have a seat and let sir Oliver come up to them, smell them and get acquainted to them. My mother has the tendency to go up to animals and speak to them with a high pitch voice and I wanted to see if I could change her behavior with these new rules. of not paying attention at first.

Everybody was calm and so was sir Oliver, after he had checked my parents out, he went back to his dog bed and snore some more. Even when the conversations got a bit louder and more people speaking with each other at the same time, sir Oliver couldn’t care less.

After lunch we normally walk sir Oliver and this time we were with 4, so a real pack of dog-mans. When walking with the men of the foundation I had seen that sir Oliver liked as well walking with more people at once, who talk with each other and enjoy being together. My mother wanted to get her coat out of her car for the walk, and opened the front door without realizing that sir Oliver was in the hallway as well. I felt a shock going through my body. The 4 of us are all instructed to not open the front door before checking where sir Oliver is, and being sure he cannot follow the person going outside. Our front yard is not closed off, which means that he can go onto the street and walk away easily. That is a scenario that I do not like to happen, not knowing if we are capable to get him back into the house once he is hunting trails. The walk itself went quite well and sir Oliver behaved perfectly, no problems with people walking behind him, which was a problem before.

For dinner we placed the dining table in the middle of the room so 6 people could have a seat at the table. Moving around furniture didn’t bother sir Oliver at all. Having meat at the table is never a problem, he does not beg for food. The entire meal he stayed on his bed.

Also after dinner we went for a walk with 4 people, even my son went along, who had not yet been with us on our walks in the past 8 weeks. Again a smooth walk, where sir Oliver didn’t stop and refuse to walk, like we had in the past.

Later that evening my mother was even able to pet sir Oliver without using the high pitch voice. It couldn’t go better. I would say bring them on those visitors, sir Oliver is ready for it.


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