40. No Shot Today


The plan was to get sir Oliver his annual shots today, reality was a tiny bit different. Sir Oliver started having diarrhea 2 days ago, and it worsened over the next days. This afternoon on his walk it was as if he was spray painting in the color ochreous. It’s not that he’s been acting like a very sick dog, but he’s lying down far more than normal and needs to go into the garden to do his business, which he normally doesn’t do.

The vet assistant told us yesterday that if he wasn’t yet well enough to get his shots, to bring him in anyways. So that is what we did. She nevertheless checked the basic things, so sir Oliver could get used to being touched by the vet. He was really calm on the treatment table of the vet. After taking his temperature to see if he had a fever, sir Oliver was trembling of the stress that it gave him. However he didn’t move when she took his temperature, and lucky enough he had no fever.

Also today, like yesterday, he didn’t want any dog treats at the vet’s. As far as I could assess it, it didn’t seem to be a very stressful or even horrible experience for sir Oliver. And that is exactly what we wanted.

We agreed on coming back next week, if all is fine with sir Oliver, and do the shots in a weeks time. We didn’t have to pay today’s visit, only the medicine we took with us yesterday. I have to say that I do trust this practice as far as I can observe the practices of this group practice. The way they handle things are absolutely not done in a pushy way.

I can see how much more calm I was today in comparison to yesterday. It had everything to do with my view about vet’s in general, and how ‘bad experiences’ had been turned into ‘bad memories’ that set the tone for how I perceive vets and doctors for that matter. It’s quite tricky when one starts to generalize after one or maybe more bad experiences and yet we all accept the judging as normal within our lives.

It’s best, I found, to take each experience as a new experience and not mess it up from the start. It’s not really cool to mess up my own reality and get nervous when having to see a vet.

We spoke as well with the vet about sir Oliver’s diarrhea and how to handle it and we were so aligned with this vet. Simply using common sense and take it a step at a time. I made sir Oliver homemade chicken broth with pieces of chicken in it, that way he would drink and get some basic nutrients.

On the way to the vet, my daughter said, they might want to give sir Oliver antibiotics. Her friend got antibiotics for her pup after the pup was a bit less dynamic, without really examining the pup. We both are no big fans of the exaggerated use of antibiotics, and only use it when it is the last option. I rather put some colloidal silver in his drinking bowl, in case it is a bacterial infection. Though the vet never brought up antibiotics, which shows again to me their caring stance for the animals they treat.


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