21. Underweight

Sir Oliver's Granny

After sir Oliver was with us for a few days, we could see that he had not much fat on his bones. We decided to weigh him and check with the foundation what his minimum weight should be. His weight was 12 kilos/26,46 pound and the weight of a Beagle should at least be 15-17 kilos/33-37 pounds. The advise was to give him some cooked chicken breast on top of his cold pressed dog food. Now after 5 weeks he gained 1 kilo/2,20 pounds and there is some more fat on his chest.

We weigh sir Oliver every week to keep track of his weight, since we do not know if the underweight is an outflow of disease or simply due to not keeping up with the other dogs, in the lab and boarding kennel, when it was diner time. He is eating his breakfast and dinner mostly in one go now, he’s still a slow eater, but that is fine.

Sir Oliver is skinny and underweight and already many times people have told us how beautiful his physique is. Most of the Beagles we saw thus far in real time had overweight or were obese. Even for me a skinny dog is more attractive than one that is tubby. It is in our preprogramming, it is the media that over decades have convinced us that skinny is hot and tubby is out and bad.

When I gain some weight I feel guilty and I feel the need to get the extra weight off. It’s all about the picture and we are way past health or practicality. It’s the dress or pair of trousers we want to fit in and who cares about what’s in the dress or trousers.

I was kind of shocked when I had to admit that I liked sir Oliver’s physique over the tubby dogs. How could I like something that was a health risk? We all love the women in magazines or on the catwalks, and we desire to be like that, instead of seeing that having anorexia or bulimia is nothing to be jealous of. Isn’t it sick to think that too skinny is okay and being normal is grose and ugly. The large amounts of people that are obese are the other side of the weight coin. When you can’t get like the women and men in the magazines and you can’t walk around as your Photoshopped self, you will eventually start stuffing yourself out of frustration and not being able to reach your desirable picture, whispered in your ear by the media. Don’t get me wrong, there are many reasons for why one becomes obese, while living within modern society.

We no longer learn what it is to be healthy and how a healthy body feels like. Parents can no longer teach it to their children, school is not teaching it and society is giving signals that stimulates going into extremes. We’ve got all what is needed, within science and natural medicine, and yet we massively choose to go for pictures and unreachable desires.

I even had thoughts about keeping sir Oliver on a strict diet, so when he gains the weight needed he will then stay that way. While it is more about finding a balance between keeping healthy and not being prone to disease due to a weak immune system when being too skinny, and being able to move around freely. It’s not about polarity, where skinny is good and tubby is bad. Therefore we will add some more fat chicken thighs to sir Oliver’s diet instead of chicken breast only. He needs to gain weight slowly and not becoming fat over night.